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Huron County Department of Job & Family Services (HCDJFS) is making the Huron County  PRC (Prevention, Retention and Contingency) biennium plan available for public comment beginning August 21, 2019 and ending September 21, 2019.  PRC services are contingent upon the PRC assistance group's demonstration and verification of an economic crisis resulting in a specific financial need or service and HCDJFS's determination that PRC services will satisfy that need to assists families in moving towards self-sufficiency.  Services made available through this plan meet the Federal guidelines and may assist families in dealing with specific crisis situation, or may provide supportive services to help families obtain and maintain employment. 


You may submit written comments regarding the plan by emailing or by postal mail to Heather Love Carman, Huron County Department of Job  & Family Services, 185 Shady Lane Dr., Norwalk, OH, 44857 or by fax to 419-668-4738.  Comments are due by end of business September 4, 2019.

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