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  • Donald R. Starett


I know you've only been a trainer for a couple weeks and you're still doing most (if not all) of your old job but I wanted to start interacting with you so I started this blog.

In this blog we will be able to share thoughts and ideas about training at HCDJFS and your trainer development.

The power of this venue is cross interaction. I'll put some thoughts up but you can do the same. Respond to what I or your fellow trainers say or start your own conversation. This is for you and about you. It all you!

So let me start the ball rolling. Your job is going to be bigger than delivering technical training. You're going to be part of starting a learning culture at HCDJFS.

So think about changing a culture. How do you do it? How do you know when you're making progress? How do you know when you've gone down a rabbit hole? What's the good, bad and ugly about workplace culture change.

And how do you create a culture of learning? I'm talking about real learning not just a slate of courses. We can get people to attend a training - just make it mandatory and they will come. But how do we get people to want to learn something new and different?

I look forward to your thoughts.

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1 Comment

Nov 27, 2018

Ha....if I can figure it out....anyone can! You all are going to do a wonderful job at leading the next generation of workers to new heights....look how far you have come! Please remember you are not in this alone....we should have one common goal and that is....having a successful workforce! Good luck and enjoy the journey!

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